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fosfat absorber test

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Posted 13 November 2005 - 11:04 PM


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Posted 14 November 2005 - 11:21 AM

Translation to English with on line translator

"For since the time as colored stone coral in the sea water aquarium of survived and finally even increase let itself, had to make itself the Aquarianer also with the reduction of phosphate thought.  Phosphate was natural also this time ago already a subject, what however not so often was noted, because one often not so quickly looked at soft coral and großpolypige stone coral that.  These animals are to be endured moreover in the situation substantially higher concentrations at phosphate than your kleinpolypigen "colleagues".  

Phosphate checks the growth of the coral and changes the Farbgebung of the coral in the brown.  The worst case however is take up that of phosphate in the decoration, often in the ground or the stones.  Under circumstances, a growth can be favored by undesirable algae by a high phosphate load.  Algae are warehouses is to be utilized in the situation phosphate of which in the decoration again.  Even in aquariums where no phosphate measurable can be this the case be.  In natural sea water lies the phosphate values in less than 0.01 mg/l therefore usually far more slightly than in aquariums.  

In the aquarium, one should imitate this nature and slightly hold the value always.  We hold our PO4 value for example on a level of ca.  0,046 mg/L – 0.14 mg/l.  The value climbs more highly is to be changed it a sign for me the Adsorber.  It is to be pulled run to prevent in the remaining always substantially costlier a basin first once in the value after below than durable an Adsorber to let around a high entry.  Also it so will be need becomes that one in the first adsorption somewhat more material, what is different however from aquarium to aquarium.  

We get sent also today yet often inquiries with pictures of Aquarianern to help with the favor.  In many felling one sees it already on the first view.  Too much phosphate enclosure ring!  The entire household in the basin ran through it out of the joints, algae grow more quickly than coral and stand therewith in direct nourishment competition.  

In most felling, our advice helped also whereby straight in strongly burdened basins much Adsorber of needs was, to bring plumb the aquarium again in that.  But caution.  It does not agree releases to believe also the only alone of the phosphate values an algae nuisance.  In the existence of algae favored one an algae growth however in most felling nitrate is not excluded become should also a factor of that.  

From where does phosphate come?  

Just the frost lining places the largest share of the phosphate entry in my opinion.  One can minimize the entry certainly something in that one for example the related frost lining with water well out of spült.  Certainly a strong fish possession is not and feeding also responsibly, but entirely without feeding goes it now once.  In the remaining, also other lining sorts burden the water considerably.  They measure simply once the value in the water after supplements of addition means.  

But what one can do now to remove around once brought in phosphate again.  Here the trade has naturally some products.  One already must say is spend to the good fortune, that phosphate and Silikat next to nitrate actually today the main problem for a well functioning aquarium in the fish next to coral its happy existence in the aquarium.  

We but observe first other possibilities:

Direction water: it will not believe me one, but it is work definitive so that today always yet enough Aquarianer with direction water and would be mine that at itself okay.  At the same time the direction water has deteriorated itself usually for years of the values here, instead of which it becomes better.  To be sure that is also dependent on its dwelling.  To the security, we recommend each one analysis request of the responsible water work.  The water should no phosphate and show nitrate, for one gets that anyway through the animals and lining in the basin also quickly enough so.  

Direction water with a phosphate salary of 0,1mg/l and 10mg/l nitrate often is tolerated of many an Aquarianer, partly however also out of Unwissen.  It is proved needs however yet the Nachfüllwasser good one, a water without load.  The load emerges quickly enough in the aquarium.  And not only phosphate and nitrate makes these people problems.  Often the Silikat comes comes yet in addition into the basin.  Therefrom the typical brown coatings emerge at the ground!  Pebble algae growth.  

I would work today no longer without osmosis pure water filter.  Partially we issue Aquarianer over 100 Euros for a coral, but shy before that a part of the water, in utilization of an osmosis concern to ourselves, to reject.  Use you is the sewage of the osmosis concern quietly for its garden, that outstanding for the plants or to the Befüllung of a pool?  A reference would be permitted here.  Osmosis concern remove as a rule the total phosphate as far as it is available in a normal height in the direction water, Silikat however becomes only too ca.  80% held back.  Unfortunately the stubborn rumor keeps closed misses itself in many a the one osmosis of all removed, on Silikat that however.  Here are the back stop rate slighter.  

Water change: only with water change, one is to be sunk in the rarest felling in the situation the phosphate salaries significantly, except in very little Behältnissen.  Bring 50% change makes something, but who that already in aquariums with several hundred of liters?  To be sure this should be also no request the regular water change to neglect.  We change for example ca.  5,-10% in the week and the more old the basin will climb the more this rate on.  

Does zero of phosphate?
Also it not appear to bring me meaningfully the value on 0.00 mg/l.  For then it can happen that the coral begin then to "mucken".  They receipt starve „zero“ phosphate with a clear sign of, it comes again and again once to the Gewebsauflösung already observed often.  They need phosphate, but just only in an entirely slight dose.  Each of that more long with coral that works, above all with kleinpolypigen coral in natural colors, can recognize this often also only by the coral and its variation in the color and growth.  

There is sufficient possibilities phosphate into the basin to get.  Equal whether the exit water, frost lining, other feeding, fish separations the possibilities are manifold.  Usually it lasts make must a while until one certainly generally thought, often already is exceeded has it however usually already so that one a value of 0.5.  There are and gave are many possibilities, some of them in my eyes useful, others would use I however no longer.  Unfortunately many things are spread however always yet very.  We hope thoroughly can say something with the following line clarification in many a, yet one, disputed methods to be able to bring.  

Materials to the distance of phosphate out of the sea water aquarium:

Steel wool and iron wool: already 15 years ago steel or iron wool was used often, at least be not should, what today at itself hardly more is the case, or.  At that time for example nails became served that the hoof fitting, used.  To remove there this type phosphate yet considerable disadvantages with itself would like to bring I however yet somewhat more closely on that go in.  

Of the technology here that very entirely nicely likes to sound.  To the one however one gets hardly iron wool in the purest area, and to the other, we have a further problem in steel wool already.  In steel wool, too many heavy metals (poisonous materials) be cause can that often problems at the cultivated animals.  Even fishes have not therewith bad problems as well as one just rarely read has.  Often many a fall back out of costs reason on this type of the phosphate distance.  It a fallacy could be thought would be in the remaining the iron pure now of the riddle solution.  There no pollutants (like in steel wool) are delivered to be sure, is given for that the function not always.  Earlier it came in the use of iron wool moreover to problems at the technology, it remained simply so stand and were partially even pumps also after distance of the iron wool, no longer passably.  At that time however also nails that served the hoof fitting were propagated.  These had contained however always the disadvantage that it also pollution as well as copper or lead.  

The entire is already very long here and almost in oblivion run, reads well not very there one in fora again and again of such attempts.  I can warn for my part only before that.  

Pure iron: in the attempts with pure iron quite recently the tests yielded recognitions following.  

What unite in, but few, basin functioned, (it in part there today yet is used) failed however in the attempt the mass wide.  When attempt toward implementation become could determined, that basins are furnished that with traces elements, not functioned.  Under suspicion the Chelatoren contained in the traces elements stand there.  It came in almost all to the development of rust.  

A little quantity (25 grams) was brought in pure iron into the system.  Especially well the little AquaClear filter proved itself here.  Unfortunately the material has to rust begun also here very quickly, was to be measured a noticeable decline by PO4 not.  In spite of all that, we stand such attempts very positively vis-à-vis.  There are and setbacks yet always once equal what one tries.  

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image
The material was rust unfortunately also here very quickly at that.  

In spite of the first setback, further attempts with pure iron run, to be sure with changed execution and/or use.  

Fluid Phosphatfällungsmittel:
Also today these fluid Eisenfällungsmittel yet far are spread, but to find in the use no longer so frequently like yet some years ago.  Usually very favorably and of the necessary quantity very user-friendly, would like to dissuade I from current point of view rather therefrom.  Naturally I would like to establish that also, for pure of the price here it would be very attractive.  It is brought binds as a rule a fluid substance (irons 2 connection) that then the phosphate to the basin and therewith from patch.  Iron phosphate emerges.  This becomes clearly visible!  (On dimming) to be sure the thing has an entirely important and decisive disadvantage.  The so bound phosphate cannot would shorten removed will remain the time in that, and to a large degree in the basin.  Even a good scum can that, and it not yet so damply may be placed, removed.  So remains too much therefrom in the basin and stores itself off.  Can these phosphate depots however, solved become so the actually previous opinion by experts, thoroughly again back.  Possibly bacteria are for that responsible or algae.  The phosphate is not removed on this type entirely and remains in the basin.  

Adsorber on aluminum basis:
Since some years meanwhile also confessed Adsorber are on aluminum basis.  Basically of the possible Adsorbtionsrate here, would be suited would be it an Adsorber of that very well for the phosphate distance.  

Was, would have, if.  You never notice was already, so happy I previously therewith.  

Posted Image

I worked now already repeatedly with this type Adsorber.  Begun in Tropic Marin with the first, to the current Adsorbern.  With me, they never functioned in the mass like the Adsorber on iron basis.  So quite can explain one it me also not because other Aquarianer have therewith thoroughly its successes.  Unfortunately can explain me previously also no the reason why it in many basins not so functioned.  It seems becomes so its that first something other adsorbiert before phosphate is concerned.  That prefaces possibly the use of several portions.  

We know be responsible should the one high yellow material share for that, but even if we set previously much with coal filter and the water (bucket comparison) to clear water, the Adsorber does not pull.  I white not why however it is here so.  We would be happy report indicate could if itself the Aquarianer once that therewith successes.  It must be something in the water what receives the Adsorber previously, before it goes at the phosphate.  

Adsorber on iron basis:

Until today, I made the best experiences with Eisenadsorbern.  They do should with me what it without if and however.  Is confessed the place deer all previous Adsorbern with name RowaPhos here above all.  I use this since ca.  1998/99 around, namely at present as a SPS coral here in the aquarium entrance held and also like what against PO4 make must.  Unfortunately RowaPhos is also the most expensive with partial at the 60 Euros 1000 ml apiece in the specialty shop.  In the internet, the price lies partially under that, is often however always yet entirely beautiful happig.  Two years ago a new Adsorber came then in addition, namely Ultraphos and short time later also an iron-Adsorber of the Fa.  AMA.  At that time all these new Adsorber were offered as a Trockengranulat.  Only Contraphos of Aquaconnect and RowaPhos of Rowa was offered as a Feuchtgranulat.  Apparently would have on reacted and offer the other manufacturers mostly its Adsorber today also damply.  

Adsorber damp why?  Damp Adsorber as well as for example RowaPhos or Contraphos of Aquaconnect are before cleaned Adsorber.  I only can conjecture what the reason is for that.  I take wants to prevent emerges at one that the Aquarianer because of the notorious "red cloud" that in the use of the ungereinigten Adsorber, worry someone.  One not entirely can prevent it through the cleaning to be sure, but that appear that so-called.  "Red cloud", is there substantially slighter than without cleaning.  The red entry comes of the fine Abreibungen of the Adsorbers

Posted Image
Our basin after supplement of a damp Adsorbers with name Timo Phos stop.  The clarification lasts is some hours, after that the basin however crystal-clear.  It becomes far not so red like in unwashed materials.. what lies however in nature of the thing of the before cleaning.

We also not so would use to be sure the current Adsorber based on the fine dust entry.  None knows the long-term sequence through the entry of Eisenhydroxidstaub.  This dust is brought in into the basin and remains then there.  That was minimized however mostly already very by the before cleaning.  The Adsorber have through it no slighter reception capacity as far as in the cleaning correctly therewith gone around becomes.  

Many Aquarianer use partially even simply direction water to the before cleaning.  It is incontestably that direction water restricts the Adsorber considerably in the efficiency, it comes to the reception of different connections out of the water.  Many Aquarianer notice it usually however before, because they not not can judge usually the Adsorbtionsfähigkeit.  After my experience, the organic films are form themselves that after days on all Adsorbern in an aquarium just as badly for the further efficiency of a good Eisenadsorbers.  They prevent a further good reception of the material.  On that we go in however later in the use once again.  For straight the use is one of the most important features to the business of an iron - however also Aluminiumadsorbers.  It not incorrectly is used gets it approximately that at phosphate out of the basin what it would have at capacity.  

Grain sizes:
There are the current Adsorber on Eisenhydroxidbasis usually in two sizes.  The fine execution with 0.5 - 2mm and the coarse execution with 2-4 mm.  Also here we would advise to the finer because the successes are usually better there.  The coarser are not offered take often the same quantity than a Langzeitadsorber however phosphate on like the fine execution.  

Later they see close-up of three Adsorbern on iron basis

Posted Image
Timo phos stop

Posted Image
Korallenwelt absorber

Posted Image
Ultra Power Phos or Ama Phos in ungereinigten condition, both Adsorber are offered however for short time also only vorgereinigt
therefore in damp condition.  

Use of the Adsorber:

Now the actually most important part of the entire comes.  The use of the Adsorbers.  One incorrectly can make at the same time very much, and much loses through it at capacity of the Adsorbers.  

Even I composed already an article that I with this here now, in part at least, revise must.  One learns just yet never from.  First some years ago so-called turbulence bed filters came thought optimally would be on the market, of which one there it for the business with these materials.  They have however unfortunately a decisive disadvantage, at least that therefrom.  They swirl comes the material so strongly that it to an Abreibung of the material in the finest area.  So gradually fine parts of the Adsorber become into the basin gespült.  I have came some messages here according to what it in many a too problems in the basin.  Somehow logically if lasting somewhat to each other that rubs solves itself there also material.  Nevertheless, the Adsorber work to put hope becomes for the basis of the turbulence bed far more successfully than simple a bag into the basin, and that enough material durchspült.  One gives away only can appreciate very much of the Adsorbers, I with the cliff variant, but one certainly not will be able to grasp more than 50% of the possible.  

Posted ImageI operated this type filter until now.  [a Plexiröhre of Aquamedic with demand and flow] at itself entirely okay, and also of the price here an alternative.  Unfortunately however also not really the most optimal because one can clean the material only with large expense of the dirt and organic film.  So one loses a quantity without cleaning of the material at adsorption capacity.  In the use for that very simply and functions also.  

It gives swirl now newer filters that only short-term, namely usually only one or two days.  These filters, how the following are equipped with little pumps.  After a day however the material is already would become polluted creates hardly more in movement there the pump that now material (through organic films weighing on that) no longer to move.  Dirt and organic file that on the Adsorber are weigh however also a reason why an Adsorber its full efficiency do not empty can.  It helps now according to my opinion not really much coal or to turn cotton wadding, or quite both before the Adsorber.  That helps last of all only for the coarse soiling.  But organic films cannot be prevented on this type and manner.  

I went therefore again back and use today a little AquaClear filter out of fresh water times.  This suspends at the basin.  In this, 200 grams of Adsorber, they come become hundred of liters with few achievement durchspült.  After a day, I take out the Säckchen and hold stream it into the current of the 12,000 liters pump.  That cleans the material by far more effectively than all previous measures.  I can measure usually there another further decline by P04, naturally prefaced is not exhausted the Adsorber.  It shows exhausted are me however on like quickly Adsorber if organic films weigh on that.  Before I now a Phosphatadsorber into the basin filter bring in I first over a good active coal.  One can natürilch also coal and cotton wadding before the Phospahtadsorber turn, is for the coarse soiling that thoroughly practicable.  (See above with the organic film) coal filtration must be, to not to burden simply around the materials unnecessarily, the water is has more clearly and more cleanly the Adsorber it usually more simply.  Unfortunately it does not go entirely without work.  Make yourself the effort and free you the Adsorber of the materials weighing on that.  It is in the remaining not badly if this dirt layer and bacteria through the pump again into the aquariums circulation come... therefore no worry

Goods also the good Eheim filters, that one can remove from through a Schnelltrennkupplung without much expense the water circulation, suit themselves.  So one can clean the material well and can connect quickly again.  

Some weeks ago, when I began to write to this article, sent me Frank Diehl of the side www.matuta.com a bag with a new Eisenadsorber to.  There was packaging yet no so that I can deliver unfortunately no photos of a packaging.  The material was welds in a transparent bag.  Frank asked to preserve me simultaneously about that yet quiet silent because it wanted to await first the back messages of the Tester.  I got myself also on that, until today just: -) since gestures now I got permission to bring my result.  And does nothing lie to utilize yet more closely than in a report the experienced equally.  

The contents of the test quantity amounted to 500 ml.  It asked to compare me this Adsorber once against the other Adsorber on iron basis.  I made that, with the same use as well as otherwise also.  I use given becomes to this a black lady fine stocking pair of pants in that of the Adsorber.  I stick this in the AquaClear filter.  The Adsorber was taken once at the day and stream held in the outflow of that to remove around the dirt and charging material.  Through the fine stocking pair of pants, the material can be taken well and lets clean also.  

Posted Image

Fell very similarly is me on that of the Adsorber to the RowaPhos of the appearance.  It brown blackly is mixed to be sure and by the graining here also fine.  It is cleaned also and damp.  In spite of its there was naturally the usual red sting that got itself however in boundary.  I was surprised very beautifully of the efficiency of the Adsorbers.  The withdrawn quantity at phosphate was equally good and equally fast like with the previous place deer with name RowaPhos.  To the comparison would be cited: I can with 500 ml ca.  Sink 0.4 mg/ per liter in my basin and that within of 24 hours.  How in many other remains me almost always a remainder of 0,092 over.  There I however also do not exaggerate goes wants that in order.  This PO4 value stops then a while.  As soon as it again is climbs it a sign that either too much organic film clog the material, or the material simply exhausts is.  

Posted Image

Congratulation at Frank Diehl of www.matuta.com.  It has stands a very efficient Adsorber of that that on the market of present in absolutely nothing back.  Why also much money pay for an Adsorber if other can the same for less money just as well.  I can carry becomes therefore the Adsorber of that the name Timo Phos stop, recommend only wärmstens.  Frank Diehl divides further with that it for the first time also issuer of the fair fish and reptile in Sindelfingen be becomes me.  There there will be the Adsorber to a good introduction price for the first time to buy.  The fair price will lie in 23 Euros, that lies normal sale price in ca.  28 Euros 1000 ml apiece Adsorber.  

And in last minute arrived, the picture of the packaging of the new Timo phos stop.  

Posted Image

Measurement phosphate:
An exact measurement of the phosphate value is natural very important.  If they would like to measure self once, how the Adsorber work.  After our experience, however unfortunately only that at least tests fulfill on the market one really exactly measurement, above all in the low area.  We recommend end this reason now as ever the Merck Aquaquant-test to you.  This measures in the area of 0,046 to 0.43 mg/l and costs about 90 Euros.  For that it gives ca.  200 test possibilities.  We were not able to compare the relative new Rowa/d&d test until today whether it is to be set really with the Merck equally.  For the little money bag, we recommend the Tropic Marin test to you.  

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Text and pictures © by www.korallenriff.de (November 2005)